Carstensz Summit November 2016

A huge congratulations to : – Ian Andrew Stewart ( USA ) – Tanel Tuuleveski ( Estonia ) – Anja Karen Blanca ( Deutsch ) And our guides Stratocaster Lauren Kowaas and Rommy Tagah was Summit Carstensz Pyramid on 14 Nov 15 at 07.15 am. The team worked hard to…

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Carstenz Summit


Congratulations πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Douglas Dempsey(USA), Jagdal Byambasuren(Mongolia) Todd Pendelton(USA) On September 20th at approximately 9:30AM local time. Summit Carstensz Pyramid 16.024 ft the highest of the Australian continent.

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Carstensz Summit March 16


Congratulations to Himalayan Experience Group ; Russell Brice, Christopher Dovell, Maria Vladimirovna Gordon and Collin Timothy Obrady. Carstensz Pyramid Summiter on March, 04 2016. Start 04.20 am summit 07.50 am. Well done guys πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘  

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Summit Nov 15


A huge congratulations to Ole Kare Nyhagen from Norway and one of our guides Stratocaster Lauren Kowaas was Summit Carstensz Pyramid on 12 Nov 15. The team worked hard to get there by walking from Sugapa trekking. Well done guys….???  

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Trip Carstens July 2015


Congratulations to Mary Teresa Scannell from London (private trip) and our great guides Romy Tagah and Lauren Kowaas. Summit on July 22, 15 at 06.30 am. We preparing our next trip….if you want to join…please contact us

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Trip April 15

Scott Woolums,Β  Mike Theologos, Oliver Wolff,Β  Stratocaster Laurant. Now all the clients already leaves Nabire and fly home, thank you for the Helicopter crew and the trekking staff crew !

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Manado Adventure Team lead by Rommy & Lauren with clients from Absolute Adventure 3 Alaska climbers, Todd Bethard, Brian Bethard & Mark FilipenkoΒ  successful summit on Carstensz Pyramid and right now they relax in Nabire Papua. Congratulation….!!!

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Congratulations Manado Adventure Team reached the Summit of Carstensz Pyramid 23 Feb 15, Will Draper Stratocaster Lourant and Rommy Tagah. Good job to all the climbers…!

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