Hi All, Carstensz Trip with helicopter is still running and the Helicopter is still available right now and along year 2014, and Franky Kowaas was the first person who made the Carstensz Trip by Helicopter since year 2000 and, “Manado Adventure” the most successfu Carstensz Operator who running helicopter trip to Carstensz since year 2005, contact us on, cheers !

First Commercial Heli trip to Carstensz by Manado Adventure August 2005 landing at Zebra Wall Base Camp (on the picture; Bell 212 by NUH, James Clarke-USA/White T-shirt, Jhon Patrick Hickey-USA/Yellow T-shirt), this trip also the first trip to Carstensz since the Authority closed Carstensz Permits on year 2002, Franky Kowaas and Manado Adventure was the person and the company who open again Carstensz until today !

First Commercial Heli Trip landing on “Scott Base Camp” Yellow Valley on years 2011 with Heli AW 117 Koala, trip by Manado Adventure and !

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