Hi All, finally we did it! The new route of Carstensz Pyramid from East side to South face of Carstensz Pyramid, and this is also the new era of climbing Carstensz Pyramid, Start from Tsinga village to first camp(Tsingoom River) 5 to 6 Hours walking with the hard track(Muddy-Swampy-Slippery-Raining-Wet), first camp to second camp(Head Water of Tsingoom river) 5 to 6 hours walking on hard track-steep-bush, Second camp to third camp(below Ice cap of east Carstens on south face/Melukie bush area) 5 to 6 hours walking on hard bush track, third camp-summit-third camp 6 – 12 hours walking-scrambling-traversing-climbing/5.8 (depending Skill,Fitness, and experience),  C O N G R AT U L A T I O N……for and Team !

We will give you up-date news after our first commercial trip on the new route of Carstensz Pyramid, will be start on February 2014.

Email us on if you interesting to join our New Route of Carstensz Pyramid by Walking.

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