To whom is concerned,
We need to explain that the mean by We did it is that we have managed to open up access to the hiking trail to the base camp 3 of Tsinga route because it has never existed before climbing to the base camp 3  of Tsinga route south wall. We need to explain that the ascent Castensz Pyamid there are 2 lines:
1. Access to base camp/access road
2. Track to the summit/summit road
These are 2 different things that one called Tsinga access road and the other one called Tsinga summit road.
We mean we did it is not the summit road. We just did it “access road”.
Now we are together with Mr. Robert Power from Kanada were to base camp on the
Tsinga summit road to create a new road from the south wall.
Please to understand this clarification. Thank you.

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